Addicted to Ginger

The spicenot ginger haired guys! Why? The aroma, taste and zap of Ginger are amazing. Along with its altogether delicious flavour, it is one of the healthiest spices in the world today.

It has helped me with a number of challenges – some very personal (think Gas for instance)!

It won’t surprise anyone (that doesn’t already know it) that Ginger originated in Asia. It has been used for medicinal purposes for just on 2,000 years by a number of cultures.

Not surprisingly it is presently enjoying a real renaissance at the moment, especially I am told in the US, but of course it’s popular as always here in the UK too.

Today – we either have ourselves or know someone who either has, or is, fighting cancer in one of its forms. If you are or know someone who is, or who may feel they are prone to it, add Ginger to your daily diet.

This is not some wacky claim folks. According to a number of researchers, ginger’s actual anti-cancer properties are a result of its compound ‘6-gingerol’ which is found in large quantities in raw ginger. ‘6-gingerol’ has anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour activities!

Apparently adding ginger to our diets can help prevent new cancer cells from forming and is said to help destroy active ones. Whatever you may think of these research claims, none of us have anything to lose, and everything to gain from utilising this wonderfully tasty and invigorating spice!

Also, as I know from practical use there are several digestive situations that Ginger can really truly help – take my word for it; Ginger really helps digestive problems, including Irritable Bowel Syndrome (a most unpleasant condition to say the least).

This is one tip you will praise the heavens for – Ginger tea can really help that truly embarrassing problem of Gas! Rather than treat heartburn with drugs try Ginger. Avoid drugs and give Ginger a real try, it has a gastro protective effect – again I know myself that it helps!

Ginger can also help in weight loss. Don’t believe me, do a little research yourself. It can help suppress your appetite, by helping you to feel full!

You will be amazed at the overall health benefits of Ginger – as I have suggested above, research it yourself – you will be stunned!