Daylight is on the way out! So Picnics Galore

Sad, but true, because days are now going to get shorter not that there is not heaps of life left in our summer – well enough to ensure we can still slot some fabulous picnics into our tight schedules!

Picnics are not just about rugs, family and friends (as important as the last two are), sandwiches, cakes and bottles of fizzy drinks – picnics can be so much more! Gourmet picnics (before it is too late) are a must for those wanting something special.

How about an Al Fresco lunch or two or even a full-blown dinner or dinner party – picnic style?

But you need to be sure to pick the best spot – the right spot. We can all have so much fun if we do pick the right spot and do a little organising! No need to spend a lot of bees and honey to set things up either!

Here is a few of my fave picnic spots;

  1. Thames Barrier Park
  2. St James Park
  3. Temple Gardens
  4. Victoria Park

No. 1 is just about my number one as it provides a most unique backdrop of the city landscape and it happens to have the big advantage of being largely bereft of those irritating intruders (tourists).

You really should make it a full day out though as it happens to have some fabulous fountains as well as flower gardens and superbly maintained beautiful green and lush lawns.

There is a café too if you don’t feel like going to the trouble of packing your own picnic for lunch. Depends where you feel like either an active or lazy day?

I think Temple Gardens would be my next fave place as it is such an unexpected city centre oasis. It does suffer the drawback of not always being open but it still provides us inner city dwellers with a great spot to breathe.

As for Victoria Park well its obviously got plenty of room as one of its many advantages, being over 86 hectares. You can even row on its lake and is a great spot for families as well. Has some absolutely wonderful festivals too.