Introducing Marcus to a possible new boyfriend

Having someone meet your family for the first time can be quite nerve wracking for anyone, but (in my mind anyway) it is even more crucial for any possible new partner to get off on the right foot, when they meet your much beloved pet!

In my case we are talking about my fantastic little mini Dachy Marcus. Marcus can be quite possessive and rather protective – especially with men! Once he gets to know people he usually becomes quite comfortable, even sooky with them, but until he does watch out!

The general rule when you introduce your dog to another dog, as most people will agree, is to do so on neutral territory – you most probably know that already. Well, the same rule applies when introducing your pet to any possible new partner.

Make sure that that person does come armed with some of your pet’s favourite delicacies though – in Marcus’s case liver treats or chicken pieces!

If the person is uncomfortable with him I get them to throw the treats on the ground to begin with but it is always much better if he offers the treats directly to him. It usually doesn’t take much for Marcus to sniff away and take the treat after he realises the person is not intending to mistreat him.

Do not be too quick to judge people who aren’t comfortable with pets – maybe they didn’t have the chance as a child to have one! Maybe they would have loved one but were not allowed. They don’t know, or are not sure, how to approach your doggy so help them by encouraging them to reach out!

One male friend of mine had never had even a bird, let alone a cat or dog his whole childhood. His mother was anti animals. So when he first met Marcus he was quite nervous what to do. You should see them together now – my friend often comes around now just to visit Marcus! And believe me, Marcus knows a sucker when he sees one too!

BUT, and it’s a big but, if the person simply does not like pets – show that person the door very quickly because there is something very wrong with them!