Knitting – and its Countless Health Benefits

Knitting as a Hobby – Me! Its true and most of my friends out there know (although many don’t believe it).

It’s obvious though, if you bother to look into it that knitting is being embraced by people from many walks of life! And many of them are just like me!

How and Why Exactly?

One big reason is its peaceful and relaxing repetition. And don’t stop knitting because the habit helps to keep you healthy.

A friend put me onto it because I seemed to be getting quite anxious and jumpy sometimes. I found quickly that that relaxing repetition and click of the needles really did start to calm me down. Couldn’t quite “Adam and Eve it” (believe it) at first, thought it must be something else so I stopped and blow me down the angst started to build up all over again.

You can’t, and shouldn’t, fight the reality!

I subsequently started to wonder what was happening, why do people knit and why is it so very popular and becoming more so? On first look it seemed a little odd to say the least.

If anyone had told me once that knitting does have incredible health benefits I would have said “You are barking mad” (emphasising the MAD). I simply could not quite get into imagining it!

The reality is that it really does help me feel good. The truth of it is that it helps many people to feel good in many many ways. Research (yes it has been researched) has shown that knitting helps us humans to cope both physically and mentally.

To begin with its therapeutic – it happens to be a distractant. A few (knitting) friends have told me that it has even helped them to manage their long-term physical pain! It’s true.

Depressed – well knitting helps you with that too! It is a conversation starter also.

Not comfortable with making eye contact? You can actually start to interact more politely with people when you are knitting. It really can connect people.

Knitting is very relaxing and even improves concentration (and mine needing improving I can tell you).

Now I could go on and on and you may be sicked of me already but you shouldn’t “Barnaby Rudge” me before you try it!