Being Passionate Can Mean Trouble, causing Angst and Stress!

Well, that is what my last boyfriend said anyway. He stressed the fact that he was sure that when people are too passionate about something they tend to be stressful and argumentative to be around. And literally a real pain in the neck!

While I agree too much passion can be damaging – isn’t anything taken past its limits damaging – or at least it can be?

I really enjoy being around people who care enough about something to be passionate about it. They are much more colourful – seeming to live both happier and better lives than the average anaemic individual!

Our passions are the things that give our lives real purpose – and more than that they help make us feel that we have true drive in our lives, make us feel as if we are truly living – with a capital “L”!

As with everything, every way we are, everything we do, there are pluses and minuses. One thing I can tell you is that we people, who tend to be more passionate, lead very different lives than those around us who are less (sometimes much less) enthusiastic.

For instance, do you start your days early – I do 9 times out of 10 because I simply cannot wait to get started when I have a great idea brewing or a project on the go.

I am about Doing, with a capital “D” of course. I nearly always (well to be honest about 99.9% of the time) thinking about what I am doing, or want to do!

Am I obsessed – Yes, most definitely! Certainly when I happen to have a burn on about something.

I also tend to get really pissed off with people who aren’t into really caring about something – some of my friends consider me very moody at times (keeping away when I am)! I can get really upset, to be honest, when I think the Sh*t is hitting the fan – to my passion’s disadvantage.

Have also been accused of being a workaholic – which is true – but then again I am passionate about my work! That is the only way to be in my view if you wish to live life with real vim and vigour