Puppy Love – Our Truest Loves!

I am referring to my Dachy Marcus of course! Marcus has been with me (since he was 8 weeks old) for 7 years now. He is normal weight for a mini male, that is about 8 pounds or so – last time I weighed him.

He is a smooth-haired dachy, black, tan and cream! He is a really robust little chap, he is a truly confident and bold (can teach me something in both these regards I have to be honest).

I may be more than a little prejudiced, as I am a proud ‘Mum’ but he is very intelligent. He is quite good at thinking on his own accord and is quite an accomplished charmer (as most dachys are I will admit).

He is utterly devoted to me and although small gives a quite good account for himself (and me) when strangers approach our place.

The first time I came into my bedroom and found him under the doona but with his little head on my pillow, looking at me for a comment (I am sure), I was surprised – no shocked to be honest – but thought little of it, believing it to be a one off occurrence.

Little did I know – just about every night I don’t find Marcus in his bed but in mine, under the doona (on his back no less) and with his head on the pillow – just waiting for me to join him! I am quite disappointed these days when he chooses to sleep on his own!

Not hygienic, one of my friends said – but what does she know, at least I know where he has been which is more than I can say for some of her bed companions! Bitchy comment but it is true.

Yes, I dont wake up with a tall, dark, handsome chap alongside me but a small tubular person with slightly beefy breath and stubby legs. Marcus is very much my jolly partner, a trusted companion and confidant, fun to be with in amusements both simple and complicated – a boon!

Frankly, it takes me next to no time to lose the stresses of a working day, to feel more relaxed and happier – next to no time with Marcus – after only 10 minutes I am a renewed person! Being very technical and scientific about it, playing with your dog increases the brain’s levels of dopamine and serotonin – both of which are neurotransmitters linked with pleasure and tranquillity.

What beats their wagging tail of pleasure? He may be small but he does love his walks which is good for me too! Dog people are more active – they have to be to keep up!