Said I Don’t Like Him! Now I think I love him!

Doesn’t make sense to me at all. I really believed I don’t like the guy, I mean my best friend’s new boyfriend, but I find myself thinking about him more and more. Physically, emotionally and mentally! Does this mean I am falling for him?

That must be it surely.

I never meant this to happen. Never wanted this to happen – what a mess. What a situation to be in. Do I do something about it or not? Cannot pretend to myself that my feelings do not exist – do they show? Not sure.

Need to put some sort of curb on my emotions that is for certain and do so immediately. But how? This is totally unfamiliar waters for me.

When I stop and think about it, it is more or less understandable. My best friend and I have a lot in common, we get on like a house on fire, we really do like a lot of the same things. So what she sees in him – it is understandable isn’t it that I also see the same things in him also – isn’t it?

It sort of crept up on me that is for sure but as my friendship with my friend is so very important to me (and the last thing I want to lose) I need to put a stop to my feelings – I don’t even know if he reciprocates my attraction to him – or not. Not that matters anyway as this stage.

I have started in a rather uncertain fashion to assess things – the situation certainly couldn’t be much stickier could it?

As nothing at all has happened between us I see no reason at all to tell my friend – no purpose in doing that – what would it achieve? Nothing apart from probably upsetting her a lot.

The preservations of friendships with our female ‘besties’ must take priority over guys anyway. I will just stay out of their way for a while – well when she is with him anyway!